For all buildings in the country, the government has established legal criteria. The building regulations provide minimum criteria for structural strength, as well as thermal performance, fire safety, internal measures, accessibility for handicapped persons, and drainage capacity. Kompas London's structural engineering expertise comes into play here.

These rules were put in place to guarantee that everyone lives and works in a safe and healthy environment. Once a project has received planning authorisation, our compliance team will begin ensuring that it complies with all applicable rules and regulations.

At this point, you should be considering:

  • Drainage
  • Fire safety
  • Connections
  • Build over agreement (if applicable)
  • Party wall agreement (if applicable)

At a later stage, we’ll have to address issues like:

  • Electrical plans
  • Plumbing plans

Stages of Construction

We will guarantee that the work we provide goes through all three steps listed below, from planning to completion.

Stage 1 : Building Regulation Design

One of our skilled designers will provide technical drawings for your project. These will allow the project's compliance with drainage, fire safety, and other regulations to be demonstrated.

Stage 2 : Structural Calculations

Here, we ensure that your project's design is structurally solid. Our structural engineering services team will use their materials and construction expertise to create the design, as well as do all necessary calculations.

Stage 3 : Building Control

You must apply for building control for any internal or external building work. The application should accompany your structural calculations and building regulations' compliance documentation.

You should wait until this application has been checked to begin the work. Kompas London advises that you wait a minimum of 5 days between applying for building control and beginning work.

If your project involves structural alterations, structural calculations must be included in your building control submission.

While you may hire a private company or the Council to manage building control, we recommend using a private company. They normally do not charge any more than the Council, but they are more efficient and simpler to work with. If you start construction before getting building permits, you'll have to rely on the Council since a private business won't take on the job after it's started.

A private building control company with whom Kompas London routinely works can provide a free, no-obligation quotation. It will be your obligation to notify Kompas London when you plan to begin construction.

At least two site inspections are normally required for building control, one at the start of work and one at the end. At this point, you will be given a certificate, which you should save in case you ever decide to sell the property.

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