Excellent service, couldn’t be more helpful. Highly recommend!
Ummar Y.
All the people from Kompas London who dealt with us were very pleasant and efficient. They made planning and building regulations drawings for us. We are extremely pleased and would highly recommend Kompas London for their quality of work at a reasonable price.
John G.
Top architect and builder, friendly and helpful. The job has been completed in time and at a competitive price. Thanks.
Esma O.
Great service. The team is friendly and the work has been done quickly and accurately. The permission has been granted as expected. Thank you!
Mary D.
I was looking for an architect on Yell to offer me advice and help me with the planning drawings as well as the building regulations drawings, and Kompas London was right at the top in the suggestions list. The quality of service, the reasonable pricing and their professionalism fully justifies their ranking. They provided accurate drawings and the planning permission has been granted in time with no delays. I'm grateful and totally recommend Kompas as a one-stop architectural solution for anyone.
Robert G.
I wish to comment and give you a very favorable report on Kompas London. This group made this type of long distance building project a pleasure. Kompas London is the type of contractor that you want to have representing your product. Hats off to their manager who made all the work behind the scenes come together for a wonderful finished product.
Milena K.

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